About Us

Aquasafe Systems was conceived in 1993 with the vision of allowing every home the ability to have a drinking water station that delivers the purest water possible on demand. Through research and development this vision has been realized.

For 18 straight years Aquasafe has been delivering its water purification systems to many satisfied customers across North America and beyond to the rest of the world.

Our water filtration systems employ state of the art reverse osmosis filtration processes that produce pure water. Drinking water produced by Aquasafe Systems is free of any harmful chemical contaminants and particulates that are known to cause various forms of health related issues.

Aquasafe’s goal is to remain a leading provider of home reverse osmosis systems. This goal is achieved by never compromising quality while simultaneously staying below the cost of the competition. This model allows for a great majority of people to experience the extraordinary health benefits and monetary savings of employing a in-home water purification from Aquasafe Systems.

Upholding of our principals and standards is largely due to the long term relationships with our manufacturing facilities and suppliers. The benefits of these business relationships get passed on to the customer in the form of cost reductions, while at the same time ensuring quality through constant research and development.

Aquasafe also caters to the salt water Aquarium hobbyists by offering its line of Aquarium RO filtration systems. These systems have been in production since the conception of the company and our process has now become the standard for the Aquarium filtration industry who’s need is 0ppm, ultra pure water.

Aquasafe is your solution for the purification of your home’s source water be it from your municipality of from your well. Your body is over 75% water. If you do not have water filtration, you are water filtration. The health benefits to water purification are immense. Bottled water is expensive and pollutes our environment.

Our water filtration systems offer an incredible value by ensuring high quality materials, including superior reverse osmosis membranes and a low overall cost of ownership. Our systems keep both your wallet and our planet green.

Aquasafe Systems: pure water at great value.

Join the over one hundred thousand satisfied customers who have experienced the difference that water purification makes for the health and enjoyment of your friends and loved ones.


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