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Drinking Water And Water Filtration in Montreal Quebec

Situated at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers Montreal Quebec has been a site of human habitation for an estimated 4000 years. From the Saint Lawrence Iroquoians, who cultivated maize and build fortified villages, to the bustling metropolis it is now, Montreal is a site rich in history – and in water.

What Is The Source Of Montreal’s Drinking Water?

Water is taken from a few of the many water sources available in the region; lac Saint-Louis, lac des Deux-Montagnes, Rivière des Prairies and the St. Lawrence River and treated in seven water filtration plants. The main water intake is located upstream of the Lachine Rapids, in the centre of the St. Lawrence River.

How Is Drinking Water Treated In Montreal?

The water works of the city have continually changed and improved to supply drinking water to a growing population. Water at the Atwater plant, is routed via the Aqueduct Canal or Canal de l’Aqueduc, an 8 km long open air water artery built in 1853. The treated water is stored in several tanks, a number of which are located right in the heart of Mount Royal.

Originally, water treatment consisted of a ‘settling pond’ which allowed for all the heavier particulates to settle to the bottom, leaving clear water on the surface. Now, Montreal takes its water purification much more seriously and drinking water is purified in a more thorough fashion. It is first passed through a filter to remove larger debris, and then pumped uphill so that the water can pass through the rest of the water filtration process with the help of gravity. It first passes through siliceous sand to remove organic matter. Then ozone is injected into the water to destroy bacteria and viruses. Afterwards, chlorine is added to keep the filtered water sterile. Drinking water is then distributed throughout the city; to our homes and businesses and parks.

How Safe Is Drinking Water In Montreal?

Montreal is one of the oldest cities in Canada, having been the commercial capital during the early years of Canada’s formation and one of the busiest cities since; there is always construction, renovation and repairs going on within the city. In spite of this there may be higher concentrations of lead in the drinking water that are higher than established ‘safe’ standards. Many buildings erected before 1970 may still have lead pipes either in the home, or within the water distribution system.

What Is The Best Water Filter For Montreal Residents?

A reverse osmosis water filtration system can remove any trace elements, like lead from your drinking water and ensure that your family is safe from lead poisoning. Trihalomethanes may also be a consideration in regards to your drinking water. A natural by-product of chlorine reactions with organic matter, these particles can be considered carcinogenic. Don’t take a risk with the safety of your family.

Where To Buy Reverse Osmosis Water Filters In Montreal

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