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Edmonton Alberta’s River-Fed Water Goes Great With Water Filters

What’s In Edmonton’s Water?

Edmonton’s drinking water is provided by the North Saskatchewan River. This river flows from the foot of the Columbia Ice fields in the Rocky Mountains and is fed along the route to Edmonton by hundreds of smaller rivers and creeks. This means that the river can pick up waste and other by-products from both human and animal activity along the way to the treatment plant. To this end EPCOR, who provides water services for Edmonton, has published guidelines for helping to protect the watersheds in order to help maintain and preserve this natural resource.

How Is Edmonton’s Water Filtered?

Water treatment is handled through two filtration plants in Edmonton and drinking water is distributed throughout the city by a vast and ever growing network of pipelines. An average of 350ML of water is treated daily, but cold river water takes longer to treat than warm river water due to the processes used to remove sediment and sterilize water for human consumption.

What Are Some Potential Issues With Edmonton’s Water?

Excess rain and snow melt can increase the amount of contaminants in the water that enters the treatment plants. Where we can be certain that the water intake is monitored and measured to ensure that no harmful bacteria or microbes reach our homes, we can’t be equally certain in regards to sediment and other particulates. We can ensure that our drinking water is as pure as possible by using home water filters to remove any leftover contaminants before consumption.

Another problem that Edmonton suffers from is hard water. Hard water contains more calcium and/or magnesium bicarbonate than other water sources. Water is generally harder in the winter than it is in the summer. While this is not harmful to a person’s health it can have an adverse effect on appliances by causing ‘scale’ which is a buildup of mineral deposits which can clog machinery and reduce its useful life span. Soap and detergents don’t lather properly and become harder to rinse away. For this reason, a shower filter is certainly a worthwhile consideration.

Which Water Filter System Is Best For Edmonton?

Reverse Osmosis water purifiers can remove contaminants from your drinking water that may have been missed during treatment or picked up somehow between the filtration plant and your kitchen faucet by using several filtration membranes to ensure that your family’s drinking water is pure and safe.

These systems can reduce the effects of hard water on your kitchen appliances like coffee makers and steamers which means they are an economical addition to any home.  Reverse Osmosis water purifiers remove 95% of impurities. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions about improving the water quality in your home.

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