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Filtered Water Is Better For Water Heaters & Saves Energy

Most of us understand that pure water is guaranteed safe to drink. And we’ve also explored how it’s better for clothing. But did you know that pure water is better for our water heaters? Pure water can help maximize a water heater’s working lifespan and minimize its working energy costs.

Why Pure Water Is Preferable For Use With Water Heaters:

✔ Pure Water Is Easier On Water Heaters

No scaling (mineral buildup) occurs. When scaling occurs, the water heater has to work harder – and ultimately it has a shorter lifespan. With purified water, this doesn’t happen.

✔ It Saves You On The Cost Of Hot Water

Without scale to interfere with heat transfer, the water heater can heat the water with maximum efficiency, which minimizes energy costs, and also means that hot water is replenished faster.

✔ It’s Healthier and More Reliably Safe

Pure water is gentler on the skin.

With unfiltered water in a water heater, you’re not protected against water quality issues. And a water heater tasked with unfiltered water is more likely to rust. It’s also much more difficult to clean inside. But when you run a water heater consistently with pure water, it’s shielded from water quality issues and stays pristine. Similarly pure hot water is safe. People are mostly aware of the need for safe drinking water, but the water we shower in and clean with is important as well. When it’s pure water, its quality is guaranteed.

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