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Fort McMurray And Home Water Filtration Systems


Fort McMurray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fort McMurray is Canada’s boom town. Lucrative oil sands operations make this city one of the most expensive places to live; but does it’s water treatment system measure up to the demand?

Fort McMurray is part of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, which is responsible for the provision of its utilities, including drinking water. The Fort McMurray Athabasca Water Treatment Plant takes water from the Athabasca River and treats it with several processes (including filtration, fluoridation and chlorination) to meet or exceed both provincial standards and the Canada Drinking Water Guidelines. Upgrades to the water treatment facility have been required because of the rapid population growth in the region, including a deep bed filter upgrade and the addition of UV treatment. Fort McMurray water is tested regularly to ensure that water standards are met. Source water samples are also sent to Edmonton regularly to be tested for such contaminants as E.Coli total coliform bacteria, several chemicals and trace elements, to help verify that Fort McMurray’s drinking water is indeed considered fit to drink.

But is Fort McMurray’s Water Consistently Safe Enough For Your Family?

Fort McMurray’s water supply is affected by seasonal differences in the water cycle, sometimes causing the water that comes from faucets to become discoloured or cloudy. There is also a warning that those who have a compromised immune system should be careful because they may be more vulnerable to the contaminants that may still exist in treated drinking water. These people are strongly advised to purchase a home water filtration system in order to ensure that their drinking water is safe. A home water filtration system is also recommended for improving the taste and appearance of drinking water, especially during the seasons where water flow in the river is increased by runoff in the region. Runoff can cause more contaminants to enter the river because of the increase of water percolating through the soil in the land surrounding the river. This can sometimes mean that human-related contaminants can enter the water system, including pesticides, motor oil and fertilisers. Environment Canada has strict guidelines on the protection of Canadian watersheds so that this kind of contamination is limited.

In this vein, concern has been raised over the effect of the oil sands operations has on the Athabasca watershed. While tests do not prove conclusive either way, some prefer the addition of a home water filtration system to ensure that contaminants are removed from their family’s drinking water. A reverse osmosis water filtration system is the most effective in removing any bacteria, parasites, trace elements, chemicals and other contaminants from drinking water; improving the taste and safety of your drinking water. For more information on home water filtration systems for your home, please visit our store or contact us now.

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