Shower Filters & Bath Filters

NSF & WQA Gold Seal Certified to Standard NSF/ANSI-177 To Remove all Free Available Chlorine from your shower water.
All Shower Models and Bath Balls found below come pre-loaded with the filter inside for your convenience. 

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Shower Filter Models Available

All Shower Filters found below will remove all free chlorine from your shower water. The two main differences between all models found below are the amount of gallons the filter is rated to remove free chlorine from, and the looks, ergonomics and aesthetics of the design itself. Please choose the model that suits you best… Also please see the information below the models for a quick but in-depth view as to why a shower filter is vital to your overall health.

Patented technology offering exclusive shower filtration media containing…

Chlorgon – the only non-carbon filtering media to remove:Additional features include:
Free Chlorine (Cl)
Combined Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)
Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell)
Iron oxide (rust water)
Dirt, sediment
Plus, it’s pH balanced
Advanced Designs
Patented Technology
Easy Installation
Replaceable Cartridge
Self Sealing Threads
High Strength Construction

How Chlorine is Damaging to your Hair & Skin:

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Chlorine exposure while showering causes damage to hair making it weak and brittle causing continuous split-ends and breakage.

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Ever Wonder why you cant seem to stop your hair from getting split-ends, why you hair is always dry, frizzy and breaking even when using those expensive shampoo’s and Conditioners? Its the Chlorine!

Your Hair is made up of Carotene and is naturally protected by oils produced in your scalp. While showering Chlorine quickly strips away these protective oils leaving your hair completely unprotected from chlorine exposure chemically damaging the Carotene of your hair. This causes excessive drying leading to split ends and breakage.
Everybody wants Healthy, Shinning, Beautiful Hair. Take action and get protected today, you will notice the difference immediately. Once you shower in non-chlorinated water you will never want to go back!

Chlorine Also Makes Hair Dyes/Colors Fade Prematurely.

How? In the same way Chlorine causes your hair to split and break. Chlorine quickly breaks down the natural protective oils causing excessive drying which then prematurely breaks down the hair Dye/Color. The answer to these problems is clear, a shower filter is a must! Why settle for anything less…?

Chlorine Exposure Prematurely Ages and Damages Skin with every unprotected shower.

Because our pores are open while showing, vaporized chlorine and its byproducts like THM’s are readily absorbed through the skin.
The chemical over-drying damage to skin that is caused by Chlorine exposure while showering has been shown to prematurely age our epidermis (The Skin) leading to blotchy, unhealthy looking skin and untimely wrinkles. The area’s of the body where skin is most effected is the Face, Back and Abdomen. Chlorine is also an irritant causing an imbalance of healthy bacteria on the skin, and for some, itching and the proliferation of acne if already present.

Why showering in Chlorinated Water is putting you at risk.

The problem with chlorine

Chlorination is a long established public practice of disinfecting drinking water killing pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria etc… It may be surprising to learn that 50% of daily exposure to Chlorine and its byproducts are from showering in Chlorinated water. The remaining 50% of daily exposure comes from drinking Chlorinated water.

The Problem is not just way it smells or the way it dries out your hair and skin … When chlorine combines with organic matter it forms a class of Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs) Called Trihalomethanes (THMs). THMs are a Cancer Group B carcinogens meaning that have been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals in many peer reviewed University studies. Other peer reviewed studies conclude that hot showers are a Health Risk that can cause an elevated risk of diseases and serious illness. References Listed Bellow.

All water sources contain organic matter and virtually all City/Municipal water sources in North America chlorinate the public water supply. Therefore THM’s are present wherever chlorine is present. THM’s are an estimated 10,000 times more toxic than exposure to chlorine itself and comprise the vast majority of the toxic effects to the human body when showering in chlorinated water. Chlorinated shower water may also cause pre-existing conditions, such eczema, acne and asthma to become exacerbated.

THM’s enter Your Body While Showering in Two Main Ways …

The Lungs

70-90% of the Dangerous chemicals in your shower Vaporize before the water even hits the shower floor. These Chemical Vapors get inhaled in high concentrations and can go directly into your bloodstream.

The Skin

As you may know, your skin is your largest Organ. In Warm/Hot Environments such as your shower the pores of your skin open, readily absorbing these chemical Vapors directly into your body and once again can go directly into your bloodstream potentially leading to a wide range of health complications.

A shower filter is of vital importance

For the health of you and your loved ones. 50% of daily Exposure to Chlorine and its By-Products are from showering. This is why Being Protected from Chlorine and its by products is of great importance. A combination of a Reverse Osmosis Systems & a Shower Filter is the best possible overall solution.


The information presented above has been derived from extensive research using many published peer reviewed studies that scientifically expose the many detrimental effects of human exposure to chlorinated drinking and shower water sources. The peer reviewed studies listed below are linked so that you can further research this very important subject and realize the true importance of being protected from exposure to Chlorine and its byproducts. Please pass on this information to friends and loved ones. Thank You.

American Journal of Public Health July 1997, Vol. 87, No. 7

Title Of Paper: The Association of Drinking Water Source and Chlorination By-Products with Cancer Incidence.
Quote: ‘Prolonged exposure to chlorination byproducts in water may be associated with an increased risk of cancer in humans.’
Authors of this paper at the time the paper was published were of The Division of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and Department of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health, University of Iowa, Iowa City.

Canadian Cancer Society.

Title Of Paper: Chlorinated Water Education Publication
Quote: ‘You’re exposed to chlorine by-products when you use water treated with chlorine. This includes drinking chlorinated water and breathing in water vapor during showering, swimming and other activities.’

EPA – United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Title Of Paper: Exposures and Internal Doses of Trihalomethanes in Humans: Multi-Route Contributions from Drinking Water
This is a 251 pg comprehensive study. Conclusions are found on pg 95.
Quote: ‘For all four Trihalomethanes, the inhalation route plays an extremely large role in total dose, especially for the highly exposed portions of the population.’

With the convenience of unlimited pure alkaline water on tap that you can trust, you’ll also start enjoying its many uses, such as coffee/tea, baby formulas, cooking, ice making, precious plant watering, water for home brew kits, beauty cleansing, pet watering, dieting and many more…

Extremely Affordable …

Aquasafe offers factory-direct pricing – 50% less than retail prices. Aquasafe has been in Business for over 20 years offering this remarkable water purification solution. We have maintained our relationships with many of the same suppliers through these years which results in savings for us. We are happy to be able to pass these savings on to you, our valued customers.

Free TDS Meter With Purchase of RO Water System For Home. Or RODI System. RO and RODI Home System COMBO's eligible too.

Aquasafe home reverse osmosis systems remove up to and exceeding 99% of all impurities from water. Why risk contaminated water? With an Aquasafe System, you and your loved ones will have the purest water on demand – guaranteed, from a realiable reverse osmosis filter system. And at the best value on the market. Reverse osmosis systems home water filtration provides pure water, at pennies per litre. An RO water system for home is an investment that pays for itself in pure, safe water.

Household reverse osmosis systems from Aquasafe provide pure, clean water. Call us today to learn how they can help you.

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