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Save on 100% safe water. Join the thousands around the world who rely on Aquasafe water filtration to remove things like fluoride, chlorine, and even radiation from water – for less than 5% of the cost of bottled water.

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Why Aquasafe? Choose a water filtration system you can rely on for safe water you can afford.

Aquasafe home and aquarium water filtration systems employ reverse osmosis water filter technology in order to produce water that consistently rates 0 ppm. In other words, you can enjoy 100% pure water that’s guaranteed safe – regardless of the source. Pure filtered water is frequently better tasting, and drinking it is the only way to be absolutely certain that your water is free of potentially harmful contaminants like fluoride, lead, chlorine, and radiation.

Comparing Water Filtration Systems

Domestic water filtration systems are typically classified according to how they’re employed:

  • Point-of-use water filtration systems are installed at the location where the water is drawn and used – its point of use. These include under-sink water filtration systems, and water filtration installed within faucets, refrigerators, and pitchers.
  • Point-of-entry water filtration occurs where the main water line enters the home. They’re also sometimes referred to as whole house water filtration systems.

The most commonly used water filtration systems include Reverse Osmosis systems and carbon filtration (which itself is also employed as part of RO water filtration).
Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems are the most versatile and thorough systems on the market, capable of filtering water consistently to 0 ppm (parts-per-million), regardless of its source – even seawater! RO water filtration systems also commonly employ carbon reverse osmosis pre-filters, which remove the larger particles before the water gets to the reverse osmosis membrane.

Water Filtration vs Other Water Treatment Methods

Water filters are a common method (perhaps the most common method) of water treatment,used to separate water from the impurities within it by means of a physical barrier. But how do water filters compare to other methods that are commonly used to treat water?

Water Filtration vs Water Filters

There is little practical distinction here. Water filtration is the process by which water filters are employed to separate the water from its dissolved impurities. When water filters are being used, water filtration is taking place.

Water Filtration vs Water Purifiers

Water filtration is the process of separating water from the substances within it by the means of a physical barrier. It can take place in order to produce cleaner water – or it can be employed to recover the dissolved substances within the source water. Water purifiers are units that function specifically to produce pure water: the purification of water is their entire purpose. While many water purifiers use water filtration, some such as distillers do not. And many water filtration processes – such as those used to recover minerals – are not used for water purification.

Water Filtration vs Reverse Osmosis

Water filtration is the process employed by reverse osmosis systems. In RO systems, water filtration is employed using smaller and smaller filters that remove increasingly small particles, down to the reverse osmosis membrane which filters everything but the pure water itself.
With the convenience of unlimited pure alkaline water on tap that you can trust, you’ll also start enjoying its many uses, such as coffee/tea, baby formulas, cooking, ice making, precious plant watering, water for home brew kits, beauty cleansing, pet watering, dieting and many more…

Extremely Affordable …

Aquasafe offers factory-direct pricing – 50% less than retail prices. Aquasafe has been in Business for over 20 years offering this remarkable water purification solution. We have maintained our relationships with many of the same suppliers through these years which results in savings for us. We are happy to be able to pass these savings on to you, our valued customers.

Free TDS Meter With Purchase of RO Water System For Home. Or RODI System. RO and RODI Home System COMBO's eligible too.

Aquasafe home reverse osmosis systems remove up to and exceeding 99% of all impurities from water. Why risk contaminated water? With an Aquasafe System, you and your loved ones will have the purest water on demand – guaranteed, from a realiable reverse osmosis filter system. And at the best value on the market. Reverse osmosis systems home water filtration provides pure water, at pennies per litre. An RO water system for home is an investment that pays for itself in pure, safe water.

Household reverse osmosis systems from Aquasafe provide pure, clean water. Call us today to learn how they can help you.

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Reverse Osmosis Systems

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