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Aquasafe water purification systems remove absolutely everything, leaving only 100% pure water. Save on a ready source of 100% pure home or aquarium water with an Aquasafe water purifier.

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Why Choose A Water Purifier?

Pure, safe water on demand. While many municipalities have excellent rated water, it’s important to understand that most contamination takes place much close to the tap – in fact, contaminant readings can fluctuate significantly over short periods of time due to local sources. Because of this, a water purifier that produces pure water on demand is the only way to be absolutely certain of your water’s absolute safety.

Better tasting water for drinking and cooking. Many people are surprised at the improved taste of their water, which in many cases is simply described as tasting “healthier.” And when you cook with pure water, you ensure that your cooking water isn’t adding anything unwanted or unhealthy to the mix.

Which Is The Right Water Purifier For Me?

When choosing a water purifier, you’ll wish to consider purity, volume, and economy.

  • Point-of-entry water purifiers are most commonly associated with whole house water purification and whole house water purifiers, and are installed where the main water line enters the home.
  • Point-of-use water purifiers are installed at the location where the water is to be obtain. These include under-sink water purifiers, and purifiers installed within faucets, refrigerators, and pitchers.

The most commonly used methods of water purification include Reverse Osmosis, carbon filtration, and UV water treatment.
Of these, UV treatment is commonly installed as a POE filter only – and focuses mainly on irradiating microorganisms rather than filtering the water. Reverse Osmosis offers the most thorough method of water purification, capable of filtering water consistently to 0 ppm (parts-per-million), regardless of the source. Reverse osmosis water purifiers also commonly employ carbon pre-filters, using carbon filtration to remove the larger particles before the water gets to the reverse osmosis membrane.

Water Purification vs Other Water Treatment Methods

Water purification is a common method of water treatment, used to provide pure water suitable for drinking and other applications. But how does water purification compare with other methods of water treatment?

Water Purification vs Water Filtration

Water purifiers produce pure water by any method (including methods such as distillation); water filtration is the process during which water is separated from the things within it by means of a physical barrier. Many water filtration systems, such as reverse osmosis systems, are also water purification systems.

Water Purifiers vs Water Filters

Water purification is the process of producing pure water – water filters are the physical barriers themselves that separate water from the contaminants within it. In any cases, water purification systems employ water filters. But some water purifiers employ processes such as distillation that don’t involve water filters. And water filters are used in many applications – like recovering gold – aside from water purification.

Water Purification vs Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is actually a method of water purification, in which water is forced through a series of filtration processes – and ultimately a reverse osmosis membrane – that allows only the pure water to pass through.

Water Purifiers in Brief:

With the convenience of unlimited pure alkaline water on tap that you can trust, you’ll also start enjoying its many uses, such as coffee/tea, baby formulas, cooking, ice making, precious plant watering, water for home brew kits, beauty cleansing, pet watering, dieting and many more…

Extremely Affordable …

Aquasafe offers factory-direct pricing – 50% less than retail prices. Aquasafe has been in Business for over 20 years offering this remarkable water purification solution. We have maintained our relationships with many of the same suppliers through these years which results in savings for us. We are happy to be able to pass these savings on to you, our valued customers.

Free TDS Meter With Purchase of RO Water System For Home. Or RODI System. RO and RODI Home System COMBO's eligible too.

Aquasafe home reverse osmosis systems remove up to and exceeding 99% of all impurities from water. Why risk contaminated water? With an Aquasafe System, you and your loved ones will have the purest water on demand – guaranteed, from a realiable reverse osmosis filter system. And at the best value on the market. Reverse osmosis systems home water filtration provides pure water, at pennies per litre. An RO water system for home is an investment that pays for itself in pure, safe water.

Household reverse osmosis systems from Aquasafe provide pure, clean water. Call us today to learn how they can help you.

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