20″ x 4.5″ BIG BLUE (SED) – 5 Micron Sedimentary Poly Spun (BB2-WH-SED20)

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Aquasafe 5 micron poly spun polypropylene filter

The BB2-WH-SED 20″ x 4.5″ Sedimentary filter fits into all standard 20″ Big Blue Housings industry wide.


State of the art Sediment Removal

The Aquasafe BB2-WH-SED utilizes advanced string wound polypropylene technology producing an SED with an increased surface area throughout resulting in maximum particulate load retension capability.

✔  String wound from inner polypropylene core for greater filtration capacity, durablity and reliability

  Removes all Sediment, rust, silt, scale and other particulates larger than 5 Microns (nominal rating)

  Greater Load capability over standard wound technology

  This 20″ x 4.5″ will fit into all standard 20″ Whole House Filters Cartridges

  Capable of flow rates 7 – 10 GPM with low pressure drop under 2.5 psi.

In addition to the most common residential uses of this SED filter to condition the entire homes water supply, the BB2-WH-SED is also capable of a wide variety of sediment filtration applications often applied to commercial and industrial uses effectively reducing or eliminating ultra-fine sediment from a variety of fluids as pre-treatment or simply as a stand alone filter.

The BB2-WH-SED filter will fit into the Aquasafe Big Blue (Dual Stage) Whole House Water Filter System