Aquarium RO Pre-Filters: Quad Set

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Save money by buying a quadruple replacement set of pre-filters for your Aquarium System.

4 Complete sets of aquarium RO pre-filter changes:

✔ 4 SED Sedimentary Filters
✔ 4 GAC Granular Activated Coconut Carbon Filters
✔ 4 CCB Coconut Carbon Block Filters

We recommend changing the Aquarium RO Pre-Filters approximately every 6-12 months depending on use. If your average use is approximately 2-3 GPD, change them after 12 months. If your use is 5-6 GPD, change them after 6 months. Adjust accordingly for higher or lower average use.

★ Get The Most Out Of Your Aquarium RO System!

Keeping up with RO filter changes is a great way to ensure that your Aquarium RO Membrane reaches its full lifespan – or beyond.