BB-20-CCB – Big Blue (20″ x 4.5″) 5 Micron Coconut Carbon Block (CCB) Filter

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Aquasafe 20″ x 4.5″ – BIG BLUE (CCB) 5 Micron Coconut Carbon Block. Model: BB-20-CCB

The Aquasafe BB-20-CCB fits into all Industry standard 20″ BIG blue Housings. Guaranteed or your money back and we pay shipping!


Most Commonly Used Carbon Block Worldwide

Extruded coconut carbon block filters are constructed as uniform flexible ”Sheets” or ”Tubes”. This results in a uniform, highly porous carbon barrier which consistently provides extremely high absorption rates of chlorine, lead, industrial contaminants, herbicides, pesticides, tastes and odors without the possibility of channeling occurring. Suspended particulate reduction is also achieved while at the same time maintaining low resistance to the flow rate of water passing through the filtration media for exacting performance and psi output.
The Sweet Taste of Purity – the unique pore structure of this high capacity filter cartridge is well-suited for chemical adsorption of VOCs, (volatile Organic Compounds) chlorine, Industrial Pollutants and and wide range of other contaminants. 


Made from High Grade Extruded* Coconut Carbon
High Chemical Adsorption Capacity and Retention.
High VOC* and TOC Reduction
Treats up to 70,000 Gallons
This 20″ x 4.5″ will fit into all standard 20″ Whole House Filters Housings
Ideal for applications where taste of water is primary objective
5 Micron Nominal Rating. ***A 5 Micron CCB filter provides approximately 4X the filtration capabilities over that of a 20 micron CCB filter due to the increase in surface area in proportion to its volume.


Greatly improves the taste of the water
Cleaner, softer water for bathing, cleaning and washing
No channeling, fluidizing, and bypassing
Protects other water filters, heaters, piping and appliances from Chemicals and Sediment
Maximum service life and resistance to fouling

The service life of BB-20-CCB filters are greatly extended by an outer layer of pre-filtration such as our Sedimentary Filter. However this filter will operate effectively in most installations without pre-filtration. They are ideal for residential and food service applications where improving the taste of the water is the primary objective.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are dangerous contaminants found in water caused by careless industrial practices. They can include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects. VOCs that are commonly found in drinking water include (1) chlorinated solvents and (2) fuel components. Some VOCs in drinking water such as PCE (Tetrachloroethylene), TCE (Trichloroethylene), and Toluene have been linked with an increase in birth defects and cancer.

The BB-20-CCB filter will fit into the Aquasafe Big Blue (Dual Stage) Whole House Water Filter System

BB-20-CCB Specifications and Performance data.
Gallons per minute7 – 9 gpm
Maximum operation pressure90 psi
Dimensions20.0″H x 4.5″W x 4.5″D
Maximum operating temperature100° F (37.8° C)