Float Valve – Stainless Steel

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Aquasafe Float Valve – Auto Top Up Capability


Auto top up Your Aquarium’s sump tank or any water holding jug or tank that you may have.

1/4″ Compression Nut for 1/4″ Tubing, Horizontal Inlet Connection.
One of the bigest chores for Aquarium Enthusiasts is maintaining water level of their Aquarium.  With the Aquasafe Float Valve, this chore is virtually eliminated due to its auto top off capability.


What is auto top up?  Auto top up means that your Aquarium will maintain the same water level automatically.  Salinity inside your Aquarium will stay the same because the water that is auto filling to maintain the water levels inside your Aquarium is simply replacing the water that has evaporated.  The fittings of this float valve are stainless steel so you dont have to worry about the salt in your tank having a negative effect on the float valve.  Maintaining the water levels for any container are made easy with this float valve.

How does The Aquasafe Float Valve work?  When the water level reaches just above the half way point of the float, the water stops.  When the water level drops to the bottom portion of the float the water will initialize and fill until it once again reaches just above the half way point of the float.  This cycle repeats maintaining water levels inside your Aquarium for your convenience.

The float valve is meant to mount to the side of a tank or through the side of a tank.  If you have an Aquarium with a pexi glass sump, this is ideal for mounting the float valve through the pexi glass sump tank.

It is recomended to create an overflow preventer.  We have not received any reports of our high quality floats failing, but it is machanical and anything machanical “can” fail…  An overflow preventer functions as a path for water to travel if your tank was to overflow and would be positioned above the fill line the float valve fills to.