Home II 5-Stage RO System (200 GPD)


The Home II Reverse Osmosis System (200 Gallons Per Day)

Offering 5 stages of Reverse Osmosis water filtration producing measurably pure drinking water. Purity is accomplished by utilizing a combination of three high efficiency SED & Carbon pre-filters followed by by two 100 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membranes (FILMTEC MATERIAL – Dow Chemical – TFC .0001 micron) running in parallel producing up to 200 gallons per day. Finally, the now pure water passes through the polishing filter before dispensing at the dedicated Aquasafe faucet. This advanced water filtration method removes 95-98% of your tap waters contaminants including Lead, Chlorine, Fluoride, Bacteria, Viruses, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Metals, Industrial Pollutants, Radioactive Particles and a vast list of other harmful contaminants now commonly found in tap water.



Experience the convenience,
comfort and savings
of having pure, healthy,
refreshing drinking water
on demand in your home
any time you need it.

✔ FILMTEC MATERIAL (Dow Chemical) High Rejection TFC .0001 micron Reverse Osmosis Membrane
✔ Fresh Crisp Taste – Superior to bottled water
✔ Overall production cost of less than $0.01/Liter!
✔ Extremely Affordable Factory Direct Pricing – 50% less than retail
✔ 200 GPD (Gallons Per Day) Production Capacity
✔ Save Time & Save Money – Between $400 and $800/Year
✔ 100% BPA FREE (Bisphenol A) – No BPA Plastic Used in Aquasafe Systems
✔ 1:1 Ratio – Best Purified Water to Discharge Water Ratio’s Available!
✔ Beautiful Faucet Upgrade Options Available – See Above – beside system picture
✔ Fully Automatic System – Auto Shut Off Valve Included
✔ Quick-Connect Fittings Throughout
✔ Designed to easily fit under your kitchen sink
✔ Non-stick Check Valve Included
✔ Quick on demand delivery of Purified Water
✔ Assembled in Canada with High Performance Parts and components
✔ Allows you to help the environment by not using bottled water.

Say Hello to Tremendous Savings …

The Average Delivered or Bottled Water = $0.81/gal — Aquasafe RO water = $0.02/gal. You save $ 0.79/gal.
The average household consumes 3 gallons/day of drinking-cooking water or 1,095 gallon/year.

You save over $850/year!

Pure Water on tap = Peace of Mind

With your very own Home II System you can rest assured knowing you and your loved ones are producing and consuming the healthiest of drinking water possible in the most economical and environmentally friendly manner.

Say good-bye to …

constantly buying costly bottled water & transporting that heavy water into your home. No more useless faucet/fridge filters & low quality 3-4 stage Reverse Osmosis Systems.

So Easy …

DIY – Very easy to install & use. Designed to fit under the kitchen sink with no special plumbing or skill set required. This system (and all systems we offer) comes with all filters and fittings needed for complete installation purposes and production of 1000+ Gallons of purified water before ever needing to change any filters.

Fully Automatic – Set it and forget it!

For your convenience this System is fully automatic! When you draw water from the Aquasafe Faucet, the system will auto fill its holding tank and then shut off until more water is drawn from the system where the cycle would then repeat. This means that you will always have an abundance of Pure, Healthy, Drinking water on Tap at any given time you desire.

Lifestyle …

Most recommended by Doctors, Dietitians, Naturopaths & R.O. Lovers.

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Professional Perspectives:

Your health is important and other water filtration alternatives may only filter out a small fraction of water contaminants leaving behind seriously harmful toxins like VOC’s, Industrial Contaminants, Fluoride and Pharmaceutical traces.

Two short videos found below briefly touching on two of the many serious problems now common to drinking water.

Sodium Fluoride in 78% of North Americas water supply:

One of the most pervasive toxins humans are exposed to on a daily basis. The only way to truly remove sodium fluoride and all other harmful toxic contaminants commonly found in tap water is with a reverse osmosis system. Watch the short video to the left for more info.

Pharmaceutical Contamination:

Traces now commonly found in Drinking Water Across North America. Unknown future effects to exposure. Once again Reverse Osmosis is the only sure solution. CBS NEWS REPORTS – WATCH VIDEO

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Risk Free 30 day money back Guaranty!

3 Year Warranty & Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed! If for any reason you are not happy within 30 days, we pay 100% of the return cost and refund the full original purchase Price. That’s just how confident we are you will love our systems.


Aquasafe has been in Business for over 20 years offering this remarkable water purification solution. We have maintained our relationships with many of the same suppliers through these years which results in savings for us. We are happy to be able to pass these savings on to you, our valued customers.

Why Wait?

Get your very own R.O. water filtration system from Aquasafe and rest assured knowing you and your loved ones are consuming the purest and healthiest Drinking water possible in the most economical and environmentally friendly manner.

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Please click the other tabs at the top for all other information pertaining to this system such as what is included with your purchase, filter specifications, a table of what contaminants are removed using this system, a typical under sink setup diagram and more …

Included with your purchase – See Below:

Home II System – Five Filter Stages Included:

fotolia-34026585-xs.jpg First stage:
(SED; 5 Micron Sedimentary Filter)
Second Stage:
(GAC; 5 Micron Granular Activated Carbon for Chemicals)
Third Stage:
(CCB; 1 Micron Coconut Carbon Block For Chemicals)
Fourth Stage:
2 X (100 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane – 100% Dow FilmTech Material Membrane)
Fifth Stage:
(PC; Post Carbon polishing filters for taste and odor)

Accessories Included:

✔ 3.2 Gallon Stainless Steel Holding Tank (US Gallons/100 PSI) – NSF & CE Certified
✔ Long Reach Polished Chrome Goose Neck Faucet
✔ Exclusive E-Z Flush Flow Restrictor – gives 100% control of discharge water
✔ Auto Shut-Off Valve
✔ Wall Mounting Metal Bracket
✔ Source Water Needle Piercing Saddle Clamp
✔ Discharge Drain Water Saddle Clamp
✔ 12 Feet of Blue 1/4″ Tubing
✔ Large & Small Canister Wrenches (For filter change Purposes)
✔ 2 x Canister Mounting Clips
✔ All Elbows and Fittings for complete Installation Purposes

The Home II System comes with everything you will need to fully install your system and produce 1000 Gallons of ultra pure drinking water before ever needing to change any filters

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More Info…

Please click the other tabs at the top for all other information such as what is included with your purchase, filter specifications, a table of what contaminants are removed using this system and a typical under sink setup diagram.

Water Contaminant Rejection Chart

The process of Reverse Osmosis; the most powerful water filtration method known to man.

The following is an incomplete table of the harmful particulates / contaminants that will be removed from your water source using this system. The system is effective at removing virtually all other harmful contaminants that may not be listed below.

Contaminant% removed Contaminant% removed Contaminant% removed
Guardia cysts100% Chloride99.90% Mercury95-99%
Cryptosporidium cycts100%Radioactivity95-99%Nickel95-99%
E. coli bacteria>99.9%Bicarbonate99%Chromate95-99%
Fecal bacteria>99.9%Sulfate95-99%Silica SiO298%
Serratia marcescenes>99.9%Calcium95-99%Barium95-99%
Salmonella typhi>99.9%Strontium95-99%Cadmium95-99%
Vibrio choleriae>99.9%Nitrate +390-99%Toluane>99.9%
Shigella disinteriae>99.9%Ferro cyanide96-99%Lindane>99.9%
Sodium fluoride99%Calcium chloride99%Fluoride90-95%
Sodium chloride (NaCl)99%Iron95-99%Magnesium95-99%
Magnesium chloride99%Silicate95-99%Sucrose99%
Nickel sulfate NiSO4>99%Arsenic +595-99%Silver95-99%
Copper sulfate CuSO4>99%Aluminum95-99%Arsenic +395-99%
Chlorinated pesticides99.90%Glucose98%Phosphate95-99%
Sodium nitrate NaNO397-99%Lead95-99%Ammonium95-99%
Lactic acid pH599%    

PLEASE NOTE: The above removal rates are calculated after the reverse osmosis membranes alone. After the reverse osmosis membranes this system’s water passes through a final polishing filter stage leaving you with 95-98% purity for an overall cost of less than $0.01 Per Liter.

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The R.O. Process Filtering Layer by Layer:


Want more Info?

Please click the other tabs at the top for all other information pertaining to this system such as what is included with your purchase, filter specifications, a table of what contaminants are removed using this system, a typical under sink setup diagram and more …

Home II System Filter Specifications

Bellow are the filter stages in sequence that allow Aquasafe to produce such amazing results.


(SED; 5 Micron Sedimentary Filter)
Sediment Removal / PPž Commercial grade sediment filter. Sediment filtration extracts suspended sediment, dirt, rust, silt and sand ranging from filtration of 20 microns down to 5 microns. Reduces particles 8 times smaller than what the naked eye can see.


(GAC; 5 Micron Granular Activated Carbon for Chemicals)
Granulated Activated Carbon /UDF ž High efficiency pre-filter reduces and removes: chlorine, volatile organic compounds (V.O.C), pesticides, nitrates, herbicides, tastes, odor, and disinfection by products (Chloramines, THM, TCE). Cartridges are constructed totally of FDA grade materials and media.


(CCB; 1 Micron Coconut Carbon Block for Chemicals)
Carbon Block Filter / CTO ž High efficiency pre-filter removes Chlorine, then reduces or entirely removes Pesticides, Nitrates, Herbicides, tastes, odor, and disinfection by-products (chloramines, THM, TCE), Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C).


2 x (100 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane)
Reverse Osmosis Membranes – These semi permeable membranes filter and reject tiny impurities down to 1/10,000th of a micron removing at least 95% of all impurities such as colloid, heavy metal, dissolved solids, germs and other harmful substances. Virtually only water molecules and dissolved oxygen can pass through the Reverse Osmosis Membranes. The rejected contaminants are flushed to drain. The product water is extremely pure, crisp healthy drinking water.


(PC; Post Carbon Final polishing filter for taste and odor)
Post Activated Carbon Filter / T33- This carbon filter does an excellent job of ™polishingš any dissolved solids that although unlikely, may have slipped through the 95% removal rate of the Reverse Osmosis Membrane and also through the DI Resin Bead Stage to give added assurance that you are getting the highest quality drinking water possible. The Final Polishing Filter also adds the mineral charcoal back into your water which helps to give the water a full bodied taste and also helps your body to detoxify.


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More Info…

Please click the other tabs at the top for all other information such as what is included with your purchase, filter specifications, a table of what contaminants are removed using this system and a typical under sink setup diagram.

This is a typical setup example.

Example Setup Displayed Under a typical Kitchen Sink. See below for a more close up schematic of the system. The images on this page are for demonstration purposes only to provide an accurate visual representation of a typical setup scenario.


Can I install The System Myself?

Yes! All Aquasafe Reverse Osmosis Systems have been specifically designed as DIY (Do It Yourself) systems and are very easy to install. The detailed step by step online instructions with example photos are easy to understand and straight forward. All fittings are quick connect for your convenience. You do not need any specialized set of skills to install an Aquasafe R.O. System. Installation takes between 45mins and 1hr.
If you are physically disabled or are intimidated by this kind of task any local handy man or plumber could install the system for a small fee.
Please note: If for whatever reason the system cannot be installed under your kitchen sink, the system can be installed anywhere in your home where there is access to a cold water line and drainage.
For Example: As a handy person, you can install the system in the basement and run tubing upstairs via a 1/4″ hole through the floor under your kitchen sink so that you may have the convenience of the Aquasafe Faucet installed at your kitchen sink. This example can of course vary according to your desires and needs. The only extras you may need for a custom install is a additional length of tubing as needed from the parts and accessories page to span the distances from your homes cold water line to system, system to drainage and system to faucet. You will not need extra tubing for the typical under sink install.

System Dimensions & Operating Pressures:

Home II System (200 GPD) Dimensions: 15″L x 5.2″W x 16″H
4.4 Gallon Stainless Steel water Storage Tank; Dimensions: 11″L x 11″W x 13″H.
The Tank can also lay on its side to conserve space.

Minimum Operating Pressure: 50 PSI.
The standard water pressure for city and municipal water is 60psi, so if your water comes from city of municipal water supply then you have more then enough pressure needed.
Please Note: If you are on a well system and you have lower than 50psi then you will need a Fully Automatic 100 PSI Booster Pump with your system.
Maximum Operating Pressure: 110 PSI.

Will the system fit under my sink?

Yes. This R.O. System has been specifically designed to fit under the average homes kitchen sink.

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Close-up Schematic of the Home II System (200 GPD)


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More Info…

Please click the other tabs at the top for all other information such as what is included with your purchase, filter specifications, a table of what contaminants are removed using this system and a typical under sink setup diagram.

Home II System – Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I need to change the filters of the Home II System (200 GPD)?

There are 5 stages to this system. All filtration stages of this system (with the exception of the R.O. Membranes) have a 1000 Gallon purified water production capacity and will need to be changed when approximately 1000 gallons of purified water has been produced by the system. Each of the R.O. Membranes has a 4000-5000 Gallon purified water production capacity and therefore will need to be changed when approximately 8000-10000 gallons of purified water has been produced by the system.

How will I know when the filters of my system have reached filtering capacity and need to be changed?

This calculation is worked out on the average as follows: A standard household will consume between 3-5 Gallons of purified water each day for its drinking and cooking purposes. A 3 gallons per day consumption rate over a years time is equal to roughly 1095 Gallons and therefore calls for a pre & Post filter change once annually. A 5 Gallons per day consumption rate over a years time is equal to roughly 1825 Gallons and calls for a pre & Post filter change approximately once every 6 months. The same math would apply to the 4000-5000 gallon (8000-10000 gallons of purified water produced) lifespan of the R.O. Membranes. If you purchase a *Combo* System you will have 6 changes of pre and post filters, so, with regular household use, you will be good to go for 3+ years to come! If you chose the 200 GPD system you may well be using more than an average household and you should STRICTLY track your usage and make sure to keep up with the pre-filter changes at every 1000 gallons. This will prolong the life of the more expensive R.O. Membranes and keep them from being ruined by excess chlorine or other particles that should be stopped by the pre-filters.

Are there different methods to hook up my homes cold water line to this system?

Yes. Although all Reverse Osmosis Systems we offer come standard with the needle piercing saddle clamp, we offer three different cold water hook up methods (beside the Needle Piercing Saddle Clamp included in the system) on our General Parts and Accessories Page for your convenience. Kitchen Faucet AdaptorGarden Hose Adaptor3/8 x 3/8 x 1/4″ Plumbing Adaptor

I’ve read that all reverse osmosis systems produce an equal or greater amount of discharge water to every part purified water produced, is this true.

Yes. All Reverse Osmosis Systems need to produce discharge water in order to auto flush the extremely fine particulates the R.O. Membranes are removing from the water. Here’s the good news! Aquasafe has the best purified water produced to discharge water produced ratios in the industry! We accomplish this by giving 100% control of the amount of discharge water produced to you the customer. You can easily achieve a 1:1 ratio or better if you so desire.

Will this system remove parasitic cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia from my water?

Yes. Cysts are thousands of times larger then the pores of the Dow Filmtech material membrane used in all Aquasafe R.O. Systems. Cysts range in size between 4-10 microns where the pores of the R.O. Membrane is 0.0001 microns. The same principal applies to all bacteria and viruses. Reverse Osmosis is a truly wonderful thing, so simple in its concept but yet so powerful are its effects.

Are National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified water filters better than non-NSF certified water filters?

No not necessarily. For any company to become certified by NSF they have to pay NSF various fees on an ongoing basis that ad up to LARGE sums of money. The vast majority of water filtration equipment manufacturers choose not to pay these fees and therefore their products are not endorsed by NSF. Many water filtration equipment manufacturers produce filtration systems that are more effective and superior in quality than those produced by companies that have paid for NSF certification. You should always evaluate a Reverse Osmosis water filtration System or any other water filtration system based on the composition of its materials, how long the company has been in business and the reputation of the company that stands behind it.

I notice from your literature that your reverse osmosis systems will remove practically everything from my water, including potentially present nutrients that may be beneficial for the body – can you tell me more?

The vast majority of nutrients you consume come from food, not water. Any nutritionist with a degree, any chemist, any knowledgeable doctor will tell you that water has two main functions, to hydrate and detoxify the body. Even if you were drinking water from the most mineral rich glacier spring source on earth you would still be getting far less then 1% of your daily values of minerals or other nutrients. This pervasive public mentality came from bottled water marketing campaigns. Think about it… When was the first time you had seen or read “mineral water” from a bottle or commercial…? Guaranteed a bottled water Co. was paying for that add space. Minerals can add taste and flavor to water as well as making it more alkaline – and we carry a high quality remineralization cartridge if this is a concern. You can add it onto an existing system or choose a system that includes it.

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More Info…

Please click the other tabs at the top for all other information such as what is included with your purchase, filter specifications, a table of what contaminants are removed using this system and a typical under sink setup diagram.