Ice Maker/Refrigerator 1/4″ Hook-up Kit

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Connect your Aquasafe Reverse Osmosis System to your ice-maker/refrigerator!

With this “fridge Hook-Up Kit” you will never again have to buy replacement water filters for your fridge saving you both time and money. Plus you will have the convenience of having purified ice cubes and purified water dispensing at your fridge!

This kit comes with 30′ of white John Guest 1/4″ tubing, a three way “T” Adapter and a manual shut-off valve.

90% of modern fridge’s use 1/4″ tubing. Please ensure that you fridge is using 1/4″ tubing before making this purchase to avoid any frustration.

Hook-Up Tips:

It is recommended to ensure your systems holding tank is completely full prior to installing the water line to your refrigerator. IMPORTANT: Never turn ice maker on until you have a full tank of water to avoid potentially damaging ice makers’ solenoid.

When your Aquasafe R.O. holding tank is full, turn the tank top valve to its off position, shut off feed water to your Aquasafe System and then press down on your Aquasafe faucet to neutralize pressure in your system. Then Simply splice the three way “T” adapter into the length of tubing running to your Aquasafe Faucet, connect one end of the 30″ of white tubing to the back of your fridge and the other end to the three way “T”. You can splice in the manual shut off valve on the length of tubing going to the fridge. Make sure it’s somewhere accessible so you can turn off the water to your fridge if you need to without effecting the water tap by your sink. When you are sure everything is connected, turn the feed water valve and the Tank Top Valve back to their “ON” positions. Presto! Ultra purified ice-cubes and water dispensing at your fridge.

Additional Tips:

Empty all of the old ice from your ice maker so that you can start fresh with new ice for ultra purified ice cubes! Also, dispense some water from your fridge to purge the leftover UN-purified water from the fridge, so that when you demand water from your fridge’s water dispenser you are getting the purified water you expect.

Feed the tubing behind cabinets from the fridge to the R.O. System leaving any extra tubing coiled behind the fridge. That way, if you want to move the fridge out from from the wall to clean or do maintenance you have the slack to do so.