RO Pre & Post Filters: Quad Set

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Save on the convenience of two years of filter changes:

This set is for home drinking water R.O. Systems as well as the Aquarium Dual systems that are also used for producing drinking water (the polishing filter is not used in straight aquarium systems).

Quad Set of Pre and Post Filters: This filter set will last Approximately 2 Years Time. 4 CHANGES (4 Complete Pre and Post Filter Changes) (4) high capacity sedimentary filters (SED); (4) high capacity granular activated coconut carbon filters(GAC); (4) high capacity coconut carbon block filters (CCB); AND (2) in line Post Carbon polishing filters (PC final filter for taste and odor).

We recommend changing the Pre filters every 6 or 12 months depending on use. If your average use is approx 2-3 gallons a day then you would change them every 12 months, if your average use is approx 5-6 gallons a day then you would change them every 6 months.