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Pure Water Is Better For Delicate Fabrics

Guest post by Kelsey Cutler of SheSewCrafty Canada

help your fabrics look better, stay cleaner, and last longer

I usually recommend that people hand wash my creations, and I also think that they should use pure water because it cleans all fabrics more effectively and it’s easier on them. So it’s the best type of water for cleaning fabric, whatever the kind.

• Pure water doesn’t leave residue

Some impurities in laundry water cause residue that changes the appearance and feel of fabric. Sometimes fabrics become stiff and brittle feeling. Others become yellowed, dingy, or streaky. Pure water contains no contaminants at all so it leaves no residue.

brights stay bright (pictured: 6-12 month boutique girls knot dress by SheSewCrafty)

• Pure water doesn’t damage fabric

Pure water will not bleach fabric or stain it permanently, and will not cause weakening, tearing, or fraying. It contains no chlorine, no rust, no calcium, nor anything else that’s harsh on fabric.

• Pure water helps detergent do its job

When laundry water is contaminated, detergent cleans away the contaminants in addition to cleaning the laundry. Certain contaminants even react with detergent, causing streaking, staining, and permanent damage – especially to delicates. When pure water’s used, the detergent is simply used to clean the fabric. This means you need less of it – so you save on detergent, too.

It’s easier on your hands

pure water is softer

If you frequently wash delicate fabrics by hand, you’ll find another benefit to using pure water is that it’s easier on your skin. The same chemicals that are harsh on fabric are harsh on your skin, so using clean water doesn’t just protect your delicates – it protects you as well.

While it’s certainly better for any fabric, it’s difficult to wash all your laundry with pure water. But if you can, try to handwash your delicates with pure water. Your fabrics and your hands will be better for it!

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