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Some Interesting Uses For RO Water

Pure water means pure ice.

Most people who are familiar with reverse osmosis know it from their drinking water systems or their aquarium ro/di systems. Whether produced using home reverse osmosis systems, or large-scale desalinization plants, reverse osmosis water filtration is one of the most effective and scalable methods of water purification, removing harmful contaminants and producing fresh drinking water worldwide, as well as keeping aquarium life alive.

However, because reverse osmosis water is so pure, and consistently so, it can also be used in other ways.

Reverse osmosis water is often used to mix paint, especially in automotive applications, where its purity and consistency give automotive painters the exact high-quality paint they require, every time.

It’s also used in metal finishing, both during the process, and also afterwards, to recover minerals such as nickel. It’s an integral part of painting aluminum posts. It’s even been used to recycle engine coolant.

When employed as a part of the concrete mixing process, reverse osmosis water helps developers better control concrete quality through its reliability and consistency, and also removes harmful chemicals, such as chlorides, that can cause persistent dampness in concrete. Since reverse osmosis has virtually no dissolved solids, it also dissolves concrete admixtures, such as concrete waterproofing admixtures, more readily, and is very compatible with crystalline waterproofing systems.

Finally, reverse osmosis water can be found in large amounts at many hockey arenas, where it’s depended upon to de-mineralize the water used to make the ice, which substantially improves ice quality, allows ice rinks to be kept at slightly higher temperatures, permits thinner ice, and ultimately, saves significant money on operating costs!

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