Water Systems & Parts Warranty Information



All Aquasafe Water Filtration Systems are hereby warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a full 3 years from the time of the original purchase, excluding the filtration media (IE Reverse Osmosis FiltersReverse Osmosis MembranesDI Resin Beardsand other such media) as it is typical to change such media approx every 6 months. Any filter housings or adaptor fittings found to be defective will be replaced free of charge with all cost of shipping borne by Aquasafe. Any costs, labor and associated liability with removal or installation of the product for warranty consideration shall be borne by the purchaser. Please note that Aquasafe’s Systems are designed as DIY (Do It Yourself), therefore there should not be any costs associated with removal or installation of the very simple to install and maintain Reverse Osmosis Systems that Aquasafe offers.


Standard reverse osmosis faucetsare replaced free for one full year. After which, the standard faucets can be replaced at any time for one-half the current retail price at time of replacement for life. Shipping costs for replacement Faucets shall be borne by the customer.


Once used in a system, the Reverse Osmosis Pre and Post Filter Cartridgesare non refundable. However if the structural integrity of a Pre and Post filter is found to be damaged upon delivery and before use in a system, a full 100% replacement will be sent with the cost of shipping being borne by Aquasafe. The structural problem must be made aware to Aquasafe no more then 30 days after delivery of product and all defective filters must be returned to Aquasafe.


All Reverse Osmosis Membranes offered by Aquasafe come with a 1 year warranty. This warranty is void if any of the following has occurred or is not adhered to:

• The Membrane has been subject to improper flow restriction ratios. (please see the installation instructions pages for the proper setting of the flow restriction ratios)

• If the water temperature exceeds 113°F (45°C).

• The membrane is not subjected to a PH lower then 4 or higher then 11.

• The membrane is exposed to water pressure greater then 150 psi.

• The membrane is allowed to dry out after its initial wetting. (The Membrane should always be kept moist after its initial exposure to water)

• If the membrane is exposed to greater than 1500 PPM water


Reverse Osmosis Booster Pumpsare warranted for 90 days after the date of purchase. If for any reason there is dissatisfaction with the purchase of a booster pump within the 90 day period, a 100% refund of the purchase price will be issued. The cost of returning the product will be borne by the purchaser and the refund will be made when the product is returned to Aquasafe.

*Warranty Conditions*

•Shipping costs to and from the company, of products to be considered for warranty, shall be borne by the purchaser unless otherwise specified in the warranty conditions listed above. • Any costs associated with removal or installation of the product for warranty consideration shall be borne by the purchaser. Please note that Aquasafe’s Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed as DIY (Do It Yourself), therefore there should not be any costs associated with removal or installation of this very simple to install system. •This warranty does not apply to mechanical or structural damage caused by: excessive water pressures over 150 psi, improper handling, installation or abuse. • Faucets and water filtration valves are warranted for a period of one year only unless otherwise specified. This warranty applies to manufacturing/material defects only. • All replaceable water filtration cartridges are warranted to be free from breakage/damage at the time delivery only. •This warranty does not apply to any part or component that has been subject to misuse, neglect or altered in any such way that it’s performance is affected. • The company “Aquasafe” accepts no liability for damage caused in any way by the product after installation. The product should be closely monitored after initial installation and installed in accordance with plumbing codes in your area when and where applicable. • Water filtration system installation instructions are provided online. These instructions are as a guide to the installer only and do not supersede the plumbing codes in your respective areas when and where applicable. Containment of these instructions does not conclude that the Company promotes or endorses self-installation, and no liability will be assumed by the company for the installation. • No person, representative or firm is authorized to commit Aquasafe Systems to any further liability or obligation than those stated on this form.


Damage to any part of a reverse osmosis system because of misuse; misapplication; negligence; alteration; accident; installation; or operation contrary to our instructions, incompatibility with accessories not provided by Aquasafe, or damage caused by freezing, flood, fire, or Act of God, is not covered by this warranty. In all such cases, regular charges will apply. This warranty is void if the claimer is not the original purchaser of the unit or if the unit is not operated under normal municipal water or well water conditions. We assume no warranty liability in connection with this reverse osmosis system other than that specified herein. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. We do not authorize any person or representative to assume for us any other obligations on the sale of this reverse osmosis system. Behind this product are years of research, design, and production skills. Our reverse osmosis drinking water systems have been carefully tested and approved. Through this warranty we are demonstrating our confidence in Aquasafe’s water filters and the quality our customers have come to expect from our 18+ years in business providing the finest quality drinking water at pennies per liter for the health and enjoyment of our long history of customers. There has never been a greater need to be absolutely sure the water we are consuming and giving to our children is free of all contaminants, toxins and drugs. The very best and most affordable way to ensure you and your loved ones are getting pure and healthy drinking water is with a water purification system from Aquasafe. Make the choice to avoid all dangers of tap water and its health hazards by getting your very own reverse osmosis system today !

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